Building Blocks For Success

Essential Skills:

  • Are needed for work, learning, and life
  • Are the foundation for learning all other skills; and
  • Help people grow with their work and adapt to change

They are used in every job and throughout daily life in different ways and to varying levels of complexity.


Involves numbers and thinking in quantitative terms to complete tasks. This skill is used when doing numerical estimating, money math, scheduling or budgeting math and analyzing measurements or data. This entails:

  • Make calculations
  • Take measurements
  • Perform scheduling, budgeting or accounting activities
  • Analyze data. Make estimations.


Reading refers to reading material in the form of sentences or paragraphs.
It generally involves reading notes, letters, memos, manuals, specifications, regulations, books, reports or journals. It includes:

  • forms and labels if they contain at least one paragraph
  • print and non-print media (for example, text on computer screens and microfiche)
  • paragraph-length text in charts, tables and graphs


Writing is communicating by arranging words, numbers, and symbols on paper or a computer screen. This skill is used to organize, record, document, provide information to persuade, request information from others and justify a request. This entails:

  • Writing to organize or record information
  • Writing to inform or persuade
  • Writing to inform or persuade
  • Writing to request information or justify a request
  • Writing an analysis or a comparison

Document Use

Document Use involves a variety of information displays in which words, numbers, icons, and other visual characteristics (eg. line, colour, shape) are given meaning by their spatial arrangement. This skill is used when reading and interpreting graphs, charts, lists, tables, blueprints, schematics, drawings, signs, and labels.

Digital Skills


Interpersonal Skills

Oral Communication




Continuous Learning