Invest in a comprehensive English test prep course.  If you are serious about emigrating, start by taking the first step. Naturally our courses are not silver bullets – you need to put in time and effort. If you do your part, and the course providers theirs (guaranteed), you will be achieve the desired results.

·       Make sure you understand the IELTS exam format and your visa requirements

·       Select a reputable course provider and pay for IELTS study materials. There are many ‘free’ courses available on the internet but remember you get value for money.

·       Set yourself a target time to finish study materials and write your exam.

·       Invest the time required for study and practice tests – remember you paid for the material

·       Take practice tests under timed conditions.

·       Practise with IELTS online preparation resources

Book your test date wel in advance – this will give you a deadline and helps in getting ready.

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