About Us


You have taken the first step to a new life in a better place and, a safe, secure future for your posterity.
This website is for professionals and students who intend to emigrate to Canada for a better life. According to the independent World Economic Forum, Canada ranks as the second best country in terms of quality of life. “Education and opportunity” are cited as the country’s strong attractions, in addition to its healthcare system.
However, among the requirements for settling in Canada, you must submit proof of official language proficiency (English of French) together with your application. Acceptable proof is in the form of English test results from the following programs:
•    Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program General (CELPIP-G)
•    CELPIP-General LS (listening and speaking)
•    International English Language Testing System (IELTS), general training.
Our English courses at Littera Academy are specially designed to ensure that you meet the mandatory language proficiency criteria by passing the tests listed above.
Our quality courses, delivered through engaging lessons will eliminate the worry and hassle of test preparation, and the results will last you a lifetime as well as your kids’ lifetime as well.
Our enthusiastic professionals are ready to help you clear this obstacle with confidence.
Naturally our courses are not silver bullets – you need to put in time and effort. If you do your part, and we do ours (guaranteed), you will be so glad you came.
Why wait? Go ahead and browse our courses, register and pay – that will be the first step to the second best country to live in the world. Welcome!